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Let user postpone system update

Hi there,

I would like see a feature where the end user can postpone the update of the system. Now the user is unable to postpone the update. This is quite bad for the productvity because our system updates from Android 10 to 11 will take up to 15 minutes to install, and the devices cannot be used during the update.

The 30-day postpone option is not working in this situation because the end user does not have any control over it.

Is there anything I can do to (temporary) solve this issue?

I'm using Samsung Galaxy A11 devices.



Forgot to add: the windowed installation might also not be the solution. The devices are mostly turned off when not in use, so there is almost no 'standy time' where the device is turned on but not actively used.

Hello Mark,

Sorry to hear this, May I know what is the use case here so that it would be easy for us to understand and revert back with better results.


Esper Support

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