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Google Chrome Advanced Management

I was trying to do the configuration to manage the Chrome to deny, and allow some websites, and also configure some other options for the Homepage but when I go to the Apps tab which is present on the left side of your dashboard. Then click on Play Store, from there search Google Chrome.

I can create a new policy but I don't see was applied, start to change the home page for Chrome, and try to denied all "*" and then allow some sites.

But how can be allowed the playlist URL to allow ONLY play this videos from Youtube on chrome??

Play List

Some Videos allowed from

Note: I have read the info from but is not working for me.

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Hello Adrian,

If you want you can read it from this link:, on how to deploy managed configurations to chrome.
In a jist:-

If you want to apply managed configurations to chrome and to apply it to all devices in your fleet. Click on the "eye" icon and it will take you to group properties.

In there, choose apps then choose managed configurations option,

it'll ask you for package name: (for chrome) and the json is mentioned below:-

  "URLBlacklist": [
  "URLWhitelist": [
  "HomepageLocation": "",
  "ForceGoogleSafeSearch": "true",
  "IncognitoModeAvailability": "1"

And as to answer your second question, you've to individually whitelist the urls of the videos present in the playlist and the playlist url along with it. In that case, the user will be able to access the playlist and play only those videos present in it. That's the only way possible.

There are several online tools, where you can just paste your playlist url and it will give you all the individual videos' urls. 

Hope this helps

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

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