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App install Spins on Install at 99% Forever

We Esper in MultiApp mode. We deliver for Amazon. We have 2 apps in our Managed Google Play store that appear fine and we will assume will upgrade when needed.

Amazon has an app called FLEX that can be installed from their website and is not available in Google Play.  

Our challenge is Amazon does not tell us when they upgrade the app. That makes it hard to pull an APK and push it out.  When a user signs in to the app and it has an update the update downloads and applies automatically. 

When it does it spins forever at 99% and never finishes and times out. Not sure why it is spinning forever. We don see errors. Pulling a new APK and pushing it out works fine to upgrade.  We don't want to do that in the short time before loadout that we get the notice there is an issue. 

Does anyone know where we can look to find out why this will not complete? Is there a setting we missed to allow non-Google Play apps to auto-install?

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Hello Mark,

I believe this type of process counts towards local app install, which needs to be enabled in your policy. And I can see that the Local App Install Option is disabled in your templates as well as your policies. Please push out a new compliance policy, with this option enabled and then try updating your app.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

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