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Help with Esper-enhanced android device provisioning

Hi, Everyone.  I am a complete newb to MDM and we have started adding Esper-enhanced Android devices (Uniden UV-350) to our bus fleet.  So far Esper looks like it will work well, but I am having issues getting the devices provisioned.  I've created the template, edited it to add the devices and all of the correct IMEI's and Serial Numbers are showing.  I update the template, but nothing happens.  I don't see the devices added to the device list, even though the correct devices are associated to the correct group in the template, and the devices do not provision after being rebooted.

What am I missing?  It seems to me that somehow I'm missing a step to get the devices into the device list.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

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Hello Trevor,

Hope this documentation about imei/serial number based provisioning will help.
This will walk you through the process from the first step. Please note, this method will only work if the device is GMS (Google Managed Services) Enabled.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

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