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Esper DPC Launcher failing

I have set up the phone in the images below to use the Esper DPC Launcher. Yet now and then when you unlock the phone you are on the normal android screen, not the managed screen which displays only approved applications.

I am able to use the phone almost completely normally. I can use the play store, open the aps.

Once I click the Esper application, it will go back to the DCP Launcher. 

Can someone advise on how to stop this glitch from happening or can this bug be fixed?

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Hi Bradley,

Sorry that you are experiencing such issues. Can you re-provision the device once, which will clear out any provisioning glitches that might have occured due to network fluctuations or any other factors. And if it still comes up the same, try tapping the home button once, and it should show the available launchers list. From there, choose Esper and set it to always. That'll pin the Esper Launcher to the device.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support.

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