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Lock device to one video stored on android interal memory

 Hi! I'm hoping you can help me.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A set in Kiosk mode.  I transferred an mp4 file to the tablet using Esper Content Management and have the device locked to the Playstore VLC video player app.  I am happy to try a different video player but for some reason the Gallery App on the tablet won't play the sound on my video so that's why I switched to VLC.  Anyway, I only have one file on the tablet, so they can't access anything else, but is there an app that can lock a tablet into playing only one file?  Otherwise the Kiosk users have to click on the VLC app link and then select it from the playlist.  I would just like the video to be up and ready at all times.


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Hello Carrie,

I believe there are lot of apps on playstore which suffice your requirements but from Esper side we don't have or recommend any apps.



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