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Cannot get out of KIOSK mode

My company purchased DragonTouch K10 android tablets and I setup a template with Kiosk mode  and Chrome pinned to the main screen. I added the first device using the QR Code, and tested it to were I had it setup the way I wanted, then I scanned the QR code with another identical Android and the previous device got overwritten and disappeared from the console. The first device is in Kiosk mode with Chrome pinned to the screen and I am unable to exit Kiosk to get to the esper app. I tapped in the upper right corner but I cannot get the esper app to appear, I tapped in the taskbar on the bottom and I am able to get to the main screen for a split second but immediately get covered back up by Chrome. I tried factory reset per the manufacture instruction but that must be disabled by the provision.

I figured out how to do a factory reset. How can assure that the next device I provision won't overwrite the previous device?

When looking at "About Device" I am noticing the same serial number on one device is the same as the other device (SN: 0123456789ABCDEF), and IMEI is displaying unknown. Is there a workaround for this?

Hello Dave,

We only fetch the device details (eg. Serial Number, IMEI, etc.) from the device, and we don't push/update data to. manipulate these fields. So if any 2 devices have same serial number and no imei, it is controlled by OEM. They can only manipulate these fields from their side. Please contact your OEM for make these changes and reprovision them. That should solve the problem. 

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

Hi, Please also answer the question about why tapping 3 times does not bring up the option to leave Kiosk mode. This seems to be a common issue. 

Factory resetting every time you want to leave Kiosk mode is not a viable option.

Hello Bradley, tapping 3 times (fail-safe option) will give access you to esper settings, where you can connect the device with a working internet connection via wifi. Once the device is connected, it will show up online in your dashboard and from there you can change up the device's state to multi-app mode.

Hope this answers you question.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

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