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Samsung Galaxy A12 "Secured By Knox". Is it a problem?

We tried QR provisioning method and Esper Device Provisioner on a brand new Samsung Galaxy A12.... and failed during both.

During QR method, it failed saying: can't connect to wifi.

Although we have entered wifi details in the template.

During Device Provisioner method, the device won't show in the list.

Although we have enabled USB debugging and authorized the PC.

We tried factory reset many times.

How can we solve this?

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We're sorry that your experiencing issues while provisioning. Before scanning the QR code, you might have entered wifi credentials. So you can remove the credentials from the template and try again.

And as for the Device provisioner method, please make sure you've installed the respective drivers for the said device and then the device should show up on the tool. 

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support

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