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"Awaiting Device Confirmation" Error When Updating/Installing/Uninstalling Applications

Hi there! I was curious if anyone else has experienced this issue/if there is a recommended solution. More details below: 

When we go to uninstall, install, or update (primarily during install or uninstall) on a group of devices, we always see that 100% of the devices go into "In Progress." Over the next 10 - 15 minutes, we see about ~25% of the devices go into "Success."

The remaining 50-75% of devices go into "Failed" with "Awaiting Confirmation from the Device" under the reason tab. 

Then, over the course of the next several hours those "Failed Devices" with the above error,  slooooowly trickle into the complete column and successfully update/install/uninstall.

What's strange is that each time, these devices are all in practically the same spot, all on, with the same exact internet connectivity, etc. but this still seems to happen without fail. There has also been no identifiable pattern as to which devices this happens to.

Thanks for the help/thoughts!


Sometimes, when this happens, like in the scenario displayed above, my solution is simply going into the individual device -> apps and then performing the necessary action (which, then, works immediately). This was a small and easy batch of devices, but was curious if there's a more rooted solution for larger batches.

Hoping there's a workaround to this!

Hi Neil,

We are investigating the issue, and will contact you directly.



Hi Neil,

Thanks for posting this on forum.

When you see this message "Awaiting confirmation from device", this means our backend is still waiting to hear back from the device on the command issued. There is no user or manual intervention is needed. Sometime this takes longer time due to various reasons:

1. If device goes offline after receiving the uninstall command and failed to update the status to our backend.

2. If device is in a very bad internet connectivity area and contesting with other devices on the same wifi AP to get the network resources.

3. In few cases command got executed on the device but android system doesn't inform our application that app was uninstalled and our app keeps on waiting for the confirmation.

Status was turned into failure as our backend have not received any confirmation. But since command was reached to the device for uninstallation and hence eventually all such command will be successful. I was able to pull off the same command you mentioned and it got eventually success for all the 5 devices.

If you still see this issue again, please let us know with the steps and device being online and we will try to get some logs and debugging.



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