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Google-Play Services

Good Morning,

we are not able to install Apps from Google-Play-Store via the Esper-Console.

it prvides a Error-Message wich says "Device is not managed by google Play Services". Whats Wrong here ? We have an Managed Account for Google Play and the service seems to be running.  We need that for Weekly High risk updates of some Transport Apps. Without the ability to automaticly update all Devices we are not able to work Proberly. 

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Hi Lucas,

This is because Google Play Store was turned off in the provisioning template for these devices. You will need to re-provision them with Google Play Store set to on. Please see the response we provided to your support query submitted via the portal with more detailed instructions.



I'm running into this same issue.  I use the same provisioning template for my Android 7.1 devices as I do from my 5.1 devices.  I use the afw#esper method for the 7.1 devices and have to use the Device Provisioner method for my 5.1 devices.  I have Manage Google Play enabled even though I hide the Play store from my users.  The 7.1 devices add the google play apps from the template but the 5.1 don't get play apps and I get the "Device is not managed by Google Play Service" error, even though the Play Store apps I selected are compatible with version 4.2 and above.

I figured this out on my 5.1 devices.  I enabled the Play Store in my template and left the Lock Screen and Notifications on so I could see  the message that Google Play Store services needed to be updated.  Once I updated it I was able to add the apps and then used a Compliance Policy to turn off User Access to the Play Store and disabled the Lock Screen again. (You don't want to disable the lock screen if you use PIN access)

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