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How to Show, Hide, or Disable in-ROM apps using Esper

When you provision a device using Esper, Esper's default behavior is to HIDE any in-ROM apps. This is necessary as Esper does not know what apps are included in-ROM when we enroll and provision the device.

However if there are in-ROM apps you wish to change the state to either SHOW (thus the app's shortcut is available on the Home screen and the app can be called by other apps - example being Google Chrome with a Play Store created Web App), or DISABLE if you don't want the app to run at all, you can set this up during provisioning. You will need the app's package name in order to do this.

You can do this when you enroll and provision a device into Esper if you know the package name. Under Apps in your Provisioning Template select Advanced Settings. In the Preloaded Apps section enter the package name of the app you wish to change the state, and then choose Add & Change state. Once the package is name is added, it is set to SHOW. Click on the dropdown if you wish to change this to DISABLE. You can add multiple package names here to line up all the in-ROM apps you wish to provision in a state other than HIDE.

Once done, click Save and now these in-ROM apps will be set up to the desired app state when your device is enrolled and provisioned.

You can also do this after provisioning at the Group level. Simply select the Group you wish to work with, then go to Apps. Go to App State, enter the package name you wish to change the app state, then select Show, Hide, or Disable depending on how you want to modify the state. Select the Queue requests for offline devices if you wish this command to be queued for 24 hours in case any offline devices come online during that period. Otherwise the command will be fired only to the current online devices. Click Apply and the command will be fired by Esper to the Group.

In both of the above cases, if the package name does not exist on the device, no action will be taken by Esper on that device.

You can also do this to a single device if you wish. Simply select that device from the Devices & Groups view. Go to Apps and then select Preloaded Apps - this filters to view only to the apps that are in-ROM. Find the app you want to change the App State, and then selection the ellipsis (...) in the Actions column. You will see a drop down with Set App State on the bottom, select this option. A slide out will appear from the right and you can now select a different App state for that in-ROM app - either Show, Hide or Disable. Chose the desired state, then click Save Changes which will immediately push out the change of app state to the online device. This command will not work if the device is offline.

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