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Failed to add Android-For-Work account EXCEPTION_ADDING_ACCOUNT

Some of the device have tendency to give the error which won´t allow to join the device to Esper Platform. 

The only thing it would allow to do is to reset device to factory settings again, to the point where you can prompt QR code reader - which will lead to the same error if you try to join it again, or to start the device without joining it to Esper. 

Sometimes it works after 5 times resetting device to factory settings again. I also managed to resolve the issue by readding device to different template set up. 

However we would really like to know why this error happens to avoid loosing time setting up devices

Thank you

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Hi Hannah,

Apologies for that experience. We are taking a look at it and will get back to you.



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Hi Keith, has there been any feedback on this one?

Hi Hanna,

During the enrolment process if your template has "Google Managed Play" enabled then we force the device to upgrade the play store libraries installed in it. This is needed in order to use the google Managed play store. Most of the time these libraries are huge in size ranging from 100-200 MB and if internet is flaky and the download fails, we cannot add the google account and thus you see this failure. This can also be possible in some cases when reseting the device doesn't remove the existing managed account added to the device. This could be a device or Android OS bug and need to be taken care by the Manufacturer. 

There are couple of ways to handle it:

1. If you are not using any google play app from our dashboard, then you can choose to not add the "Managed Play" in template and this will never be prompted and provisioning will be faster.

2. If you decided to use managed play, make sure you are in a good and consistent internet connection.

Let us know if that make sense.



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Thanks for the help Keith - we will continue adding the devices and revert back in case we have any issue at all

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