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Removing Managed Google Play account from Esper

Periodically a customer wants to remove their Managed Google Play account from Esper. This can be for a variety of reasons - you no longer wish to have Managed Google Play available for your Esper endpoint, or you used the wrong gmail account when you were setting it up and wish to redo it with a different account.

Here is the process:

1. Log into Google with the gmail account used to create your Managed Google Play account on your Esper endpoint.

2. Go to

3. Under Settings in the Organization information section click on the ellipsis in the upper righthand corner (see screen shot).

4. Select Delete Organization, then respond to the confirmation dialog.

Done! This removes the Play Store from your Esper endpoint. You can now add Managed Google Play back with a different account if you wish.

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Here is the screenshot.

When I tried attaching the play store I got a message not compatible with gsuite so I used personal email now I get the message ""Loading failed. Click Refresh if you want to try again" Should I remove it and try again. " 

Should I remove and try again?

(26.5 KB)


We investigated your endpoint and it looks like Managed Google Play is up and running.

Please respond to the portal posting where we responded to you on this.


Hi there, 

Having same problem, getting a login error. (See attached) I removed the account and tried to re-add it and I get the same error message. 


Maybe it was some network issue. Please try again, as we saw that there's an option visible for you to enroll.

Hope this solves the issue.

Thanks and Regards,


I'm having this issue as well. I show to be enrolled, but I get the loading failed message.

(26.7 KB)

Hello Josh,

As we checked from our end, the google play enrollment is still pending as we can see the "Click to Enroll" button still visible. Try enrolling with a different account if possible and make sure you follow the process. That should solve the issue. 

You can try this enrollment process in an incognito window of your browser, just to avoid any browser cache issues.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Esper Support.

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