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Notification Bar

Hi there! Quick question regarding the notification bar. 

I set this to "on" during the provisioning process, but no notification bar actually shows up when the device is in kiosk mode. 

For context, I'd like to make it so that the users can see their battery level and connectivity level, but (ideally) nothing else. 


Hi Neil, sorry for the slow response. I am emailing your directly.



Hello, I have the same issue and the same need for battery level display, time, ...


Hello Clement, When the device is in kiosk mode, the app goes into full screen disabling the pull down notification drawer. You can monitor the battery levels and other settings from the console itself.


Hello Karthik, it's not true, in kiosk mode I am able to launch webapps generated by Esper console and see the notification bar but only if I use the third option for the webapp (minimal user interface) which is too open for our users.

So I'm waiting for an update of Esper code to fix this issue for the second option.

You're right I can check battery levels and other things from the console but the final user in front of the device no that's why it's problematic.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Clement, 

Yes as you pointed out, it's possible for web apps, but we've to check up on the issue that you've mentioned. 

Thank you.


Same issue here with Alcatel X3 5061K EEA. It is an issue with some devices same model but some don't. This must be a bug or something as it's not consistent.



Yes, our team is investigating this issue and will revert back here.

Thank you.

Hello Guys,

Our team did some internal digging and found that this is not possible for Android 8 and below. Android API for setting Kiosk App which is Locktask package doesn’t allow any notification bar to be displayed.
With Android 9, you can have the status bar available with kiosk app with the help of “Lock task Features”. Template and policy should also have Notification bar enabled.
Reference Doc:

Thank you.


Thanks for the answer. I had come to the same conclusion.. It's the same for all MDM.

The thing is the vendor will not push Android 9 for our device models.

I will check what I can do.

Hi, Sorry for asking. Not sure if this can be done remotely? If not then any other solution to get this done remotely? Please advise.

Thank you.

Hello, nope it's not possible at all.

You have to run Android 9 minimum.

Hi, we have the most recent Android installed to our devices. And the only solution to do this is by physically changing the settings on the device?

Hello Jayson,

Can you walk us through your use-case, so that we can get a better understanding of what you're trying to achieve.


Hi, I just want to have the Battery Level visible for the user to see if their battery is running low. All of of our mobile devices have already been deployed and the best option for us to apply the changes is by remote.

We are using same models  Alcatel X3 5061K EEA all across. Some of our mobile devices of the same model have no problem showing the Battery Level even if they are set to Kiosk Mode but some doesn't show. All devices systems are fully updated. 

Note: Battery level can be seen when unlocking the phone and and also if sliding screen from top to bottom while in kiosk mode. But this doesn't work to other device with the same model.

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